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What is the primary use of vanilla card?

The vanilla cards are used like Master Cards or Visa cards. They are widely accepted in all the locations where the Master cards and visa cards are accepted, which would include all the retail stores as well as the online shops. The vanilla cards are actually activated by the cashier when you purchase it, and the cards take about 60 minutes for the activation, sometimes the funds’ activations would take up to nearly 24 hours. Once the activation of the card is done successfully, check your vanilla visa gift card balance, and then you can enjoy the benefits of the card.

How do you use the vanilla cards?

No PIN is required to access the card, so you can simply present your vanilla card to the cashier at the time of payment, and every time you use the card, its balance would be reduced by the total amount with the inclusion of taxes and the other charges. If your purchase amount is higher than the vanilla visa gift card balance, then for the remaining amount you can obviously use the card in combination with other payment methods such as 

  • Cash,
  • Credit card or
  • Debit card.

If you have any doubts or queries regarding the usage of the prepaid vanilla cards, you can always call the customer care service, and they will provide you all the necessary information about the prepaid vanilla card.

How do you check the vanilla card balance?

After the vanilla card is activated, the funds can be transferred to the card, and you can check the vanilla card balance online for free from the provided website or by calling the customer care services. You must always know your card balance before you do shopping, as the merchants can determine the available balance in your card, and the card would be declined if you try to buy an item of greater value than your balance in the card. The prepaid vanilla cards are not refundable or reloadable, and you cannot be able to transfer your vanilla card balance to another prepaid card. All the vanilla cards have the expiry dates printed on it, but do not worry; your funds have no expiry. If your card gets expired, then contact the customer service, and they will provide the new card with the extended expiry date, and all old card balances will be transferred to this new vanilla card.