Posted on: August 19, 2020 Posted by: admin Comments: 0
5 Ways to Wear Denim Overalls

Ill fitting, infantile, baggy in a bad way, looking like a Minion – the reasons NOT to wear a jumpsuit or a pair of dungarees are plenty. Still, overalls are one of my favourite items to play around with, and can be a surprisingly versatile item if paired correctly..Here’s how I like to style them:

[1.] with sneakers

My favourite combo of all times: a jumpsuit or a pair of dungarees finished off with comfy sneakers. It’s both comfortable and a little tough, which makes me feel empowered to do anything I want. Well, almost. But doing a crazy dance when you feel like it is absolutely possible. To make it a bit more feminine, I like to add a little lace.

[2.] With heels

Whenever I feel like wearing a more chic look, I often opt for a pair of pretty heels. Can’t go wrong with denim overalls + heels, as it creates the perfect #girlboss look! Whilst not in the office, pair with some superb Cutler and Gross sunglasses for a really chic and powerful look!

[3.] Cinched waist

Whenever the suit is a bit ill-fitted and I want to create a bit more shape, I add a belt to cinch my waist. Works every time.

[4.] Add a chic coat

If it’s too cold to just wear a pair of overalls outside, throw over a big coat. It instantly adds a chic street style vibe to the look.

[5.] Stripes

Stripes are my wardrobe staple numero uno: they go with everything while adding a nice touch of Parisian chic, also known as the famous je ne sais quoi. See me wearing them with a pair of overalls here.