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Your Redmi Note 10 Pro Is About To Stop Being Relevant

Apps load fast, and the overall UI is also smooth, thanks to the powerful processor. This may potentially be useful for apps that don’t have a dark mode, but it does this for everything, including apps with their dark mode, and end up looking weird with an additional dark layer on top. This pushes the brightness closer to the peak 1300nits rating to ensure that sunlight or bright ambient light doesn’t make your phone’s screen look uncomfortably dark. The silver has a unique finish that makes it shift hues depending upon the angle of the light hitting it. The sides of the phone are made out of plastic and have a two-tone finish. If you want to try out 5G, the Redmi Note 10 Pro isn’t the phone to get.

If you thought there would be any sort of hangover from 2020, that isn’t happening. Whatever is unveiled, this rumored March event looks set to be OnePlus’ biggest launch to date, with four pieces of hardware to show off. Because it adjusts the color space based on the content, the display is always using the correct color profile, and so everything largely looks as it should. The button on the Mi 11X looks like a standard button with a raised design. I like the look of the smartphone a lot, and the color variants of Asteroid Black, Mercury Silver, and Milky Way look subtle but also very trendy. The phone comes in three colors, Cosmic Black, Lunar White, and Celestial Silver.

The screen is a 6.43-inch one, so this is a phone that’s slightly more compact than the others, and that’s immediately evident. The camera bump on this isn’t as pronounced, but it’s enough to rock the phone on a hard surface. It features all the trappings of a modern smartphone, such as thin bezels, a small notch, a glossy glass back, and a sizable camera assembly on the back. The phone can shoot with a wider focal length range, from 12mm to 120mm. The 48MP periscope camera supports 120x AI super zoom and 5x optical zoom. The back of the phone is made out of the same Gorilla Glass 5 as the front. While we didn’t test this particular unit for color calibration, you can check our Poco F3 review for stats on the color performance.