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NBA 2K21 – Proven ‘Defending’ Players with the Highest Stats (Part 2)

Defending throws, dunks, layups and passes in NBA 2K21 is no easy feat.

This is, of course, true if you are not well prepared with the right players to protect your own circle on the basketball court.

Continuing on from an earlier list of the best ‘Defending’ players based on each individual stat under the category, here are another few wicked basketball players who you should definitely consider recruiting in MyTeam, (MT) too.



Kawhi Leonard (Los Angeles Clippers): OVR 96

– American professional forward basketballer, Kawhi Leonard is very agile and quick on his feet when it comes to defending, while his other overall stats are very impressive which make him a balanced offensive and defensive player on the court.

  • Lateral Quickness: 97


Anthony Davis (Los Angeles Lakers): OVR 94

– This attribute’s highest rating is shared by three outstanding players in the game, but Anthony Davis takes the cake due to his other proper defensive stats in general. The huge Centre player is capable of reading plays immaculately to assist his teammates when needed during defensive setups.

  • Help Defence IQ: 97


LeBron James (Los Angeles Lakers): OVR 97

– Another LA Lakers player on this list, LeBron James shares his highest rating of Pass Perception with Kawhi Leonard in NBA 2K21. However, due to LeBron’s slightly improved overall stat, he deserves to be recognized as the best basketball player to intercept opposition player passes.

  • Pass Perception: 97


Kawhi Leonard (Los Angeles Clippers): OVR 96

– The best player to consistently move into defensive positions quickly in the game is again, Kawhi Leonard. The 29-year old is potentially the most complete player on the basketball court, and having him in your current MT squad could definitely make a huge impact for your NBA 2K21 exploits.

  • Defensive Consistency: 98

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